Mexican-dutch composer Juan Felipe Waller's official homepage. His compositions often reflect a discourse between harmony and texture put through a 'lens of deformation'.

Sep 6, 2016 / Susanne Borsch in Berlin
Next week, Paramythical Encounter, for enhanced & transformed soprano recorders using plastic recylclable materials will be played by Susanne Borsch in the Unerhörte Musik series at BKA in Berlin. Works by 7 diferent composers featuring a wide variety of recorders, all merged into a narrative story. 
May 22, 2016 / Microtonality at -> Pimp My Organ 4ever
Ere Lievonen & Anne Veinberg will premiere the full version of my piece Lhorong 31ºN 96ºE for Fokker organ and Carrillo piano displaying a one on one between 31 versus 96 tones per octave. A virtuosic gravity defying experience!

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