Mexican-dutch composer Juan Felipe Waller's official homepage. His compositions often reflect a discourse between harmony and texture put through a 'lens of deformation'.
Open Lab

This section features the sources and inspirations of my own research within music by comparative means.

In order to illustrate some examples you can listen and compare to some own Deformative Results against the Original Excerpts from which they were inspired.

The orginal excerpts are either music extracts from other music genres or own recordings from what I call sound-specific generators.

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Current experiments

Electronics Influenza
Pop Transplants
Electronics Influenza
In this section, certain aspects from electronic music are applied to acoustic instruments.

1 ) Detone Retune
Acoustic Rhyrhmic-filtering on metal
Acoustic Band-filtering on tiles
• Rhythmic-'filtering' on metal using styrofoam
• Acoustic 'band-fltering'  on ceramic tiles

2 ) Plato Plastic Dialogues
Original - electronic improvisation
Result - acoustic improv on a plastic plate
Comparative Mix (Left vs Right channel)
Here is a comparison of an improv I did with electronic means, and a purely acoustic improvisation I made on a disposable plastic plate. The direct analogy of the sounds from scraped plastic with some electronic music trends is quite striking.
Listen to the written composition for percussion quartet here

3 ) Teguala
Tile-scratch and hand filtering
Drumstick filtering
Needle-scratch filtering
In this examples the effects of equalizers and filters are obtained purely by acoustic means, playing on ceramic tiles

4 ) Fenetres
Original - piano lower register
Original - piano mid-register
Result - Final merge
These orginals are recordings I made on a piano, 
by preparing it with fishing lines and rosin.

5 ) Reconnaissances
Original - Improv on prepared piano
Result - applied within a piece
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In this example, I prepared the piano simply by taping all the strings with masking tape. A filtering effect is the result, reminiscent to a woodblock on the highest registers and harp sounding on the middle register.

In this section, specific aspects from mexican traditional music and culture are abstracted or enhanced

1 ) El Culto
Original - Tambora + Mariachi
Result - 3rd Movement
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2 ) De Jaque, Sal, Gala y Luna
Original - Pedro Infante
Result - idiomatic for violin
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Comparative Mix
3 ) Calumnia 1
Original - El Rey
Result - in brass
Comparative MIx
4 ) Calumnia 2
Original - Market vendors
Result - in strings and brass
5 ) Calumnia 3
Original - Street organ
Result - in Picc, Cb, and Cl.
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Comparative Mix
6 ) Fulminata
Original - Oaxaca Mixé windband
Result - Dutch wind ensemble
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7 ) Danse Interdit #3
Original - Tambora
Result - Picc, Cl, Gt, Perc.
Comparative Mix
Pop Transplants
Some excerpts of popular music are either deformed, arranged, or enhanced.

1 ) Felix Kubin
Original - Groscher Lausangriff
Result - arrangement for HexNut
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meet felix

2 ) Marylin Manson
Original - The Reflecting God
Result - Ending in Calumnia
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Comparative Mix
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3 ) Felix Kubin 2
Original - Ich traüme nur in Super8
Result - arrangement for HexNut
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4 ) Rage Against the Machine
Original - Bulls on Parade
Result - in Eyemasking
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Comparative Mix
In 2015 I started a Duo of analogue electronics with Nora Krahl,  More to come...  RABIATOR  password :   horst